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Managing stress in gray divorce and personal needs awareness

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Divorce |

A gray divorce may occur during a major life event, such as turning 50 or sending grown children off to college. When several major life changes take place at once, stress levels may increase. As noted by WebMD, this may lead to high blood pressure, headaches and low energy. 

Many individuals, however, discover that giving consideration to their personal needs may help to overcome the stress and anxiety of an unknown future. Viewing divorce as a transition to a new lifestyle, rather than a setback, may reduce the chances of feeling lonely or depressed. When a recently divorced individual sets up new daily routines, protecting his or her physical and mental health may become a priority. 

Transitioning into a single’s life with self-care

Marriage may have prioritized taking care of a family’s needs, often including in-laws and relatives. A journey of self-care following a divorce, however, allows an individual to focus on those personal needs and comforts that may have been set aside during the marriage. 

Self-care generally means avoiding both social isolation and alcohol. As noted by U.S. News and World Report, divorced individuals may reduce their stress by exercising, adopting a pet or joining a social club. Making new friends or casual dating may also help. 

Dividing community property

Because Louisiana requires property to divide equally between two spouses, divorcing couples may need to negotiate a fair trade of formerly shared assets and community property. Negotiating may appear stressful, but careful planning based on personal needs can result in more favorable outcomes. 

Taking ownership of a shared residence as a single person may require a significantly revised budget and potentially difficult lifestyle adjustments. A well-negotiated post-divorce settlement, however, may reflect a more realistic and less stressful financial support arrangement.