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Can husbands get alimony in Louisiana?

When you think about alimony payments, you might still imagine a woman seeking alimony because she previously stayed home with her children. Interestingly, though, the law in Louisiana is actually gender neutral, which means that men or women can seek alimony if they...

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What rights do fathers have in divorce?

Historically, fathers have not gotten to spend as much time with their children as mothers, at least when those parents are not married or when they get divorced. There was a time in the country's history when courts would assume that a mother would be a better...

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How are businesses valued in divorce?

If you are getting divorced and are a business owner, it’s important that the business is properly assessed and given a value. By doing this, it’s possible to determine the parts of the business that are marital property or separate property and to determine the true...

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5 things to know about divorce in Louisiana

If you are going to get a divorce in Louisiana, it’s important for you to understand some of the basics that may apply to your case. Louisiana is a community property state and has its own requirements for divorce including separation and waiting periods. Here are...

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