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Ending a covenant marriage in Louisiana

In Louisiana, a covenant marriage is a legally binding union that requires couples to undergo premarital counseling and agree to specific conditions for divorce. Unlike traditional marriages, covenant marriages impose stricter requirements for ending the marriage. The...

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How does fault affect divorce in Louisiana

Divorce is a complex and emotional process, especially when one spouse feels wronged by their partner. In Louisiana, the concept of fault can play a significant role in the outcome of divorce. Understanding the role of fault in divorce can help you plan your next...

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Stop believing these 5 common divorce myths

Divorce is a term laden with emotional weight. The word often conjures images of bitter legal battles, shattered families and irreparable damage. Fortunately, the reality is far less frightening. Dispelling some of the most prevalent myths helps bring ending one's...

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The psychological trauma of divorce

Not all wounds leave visible scars. Some are imperceptible to the naked eye, cut deeper and alter a person’s sense of being. Next to a loved one’s death, social rating scales reveal that divorce is one of the most stressful human experiences. While not all divorces...

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