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A Divorce Lawyer Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

There are few family law attorneys in St. Charles who play the bass guitar and have toured with well-known musical acts.  Of course I’ve never tried to be like other lawyers.

I was a professional musician for more than 10 years before I became an attorney.  I continue to perform on stage, recently with Lousiana’s own Rosedown Rockers. During my years on the road, I interacted with all types of people from various backgrounds and cultures. My experiences have helped to shape me as an empathetic person who takes a creative approach to family law issues such as divorce and child custody disputes.

As someone who is divorced and grew up as a child of divorce, I understand what you and your children are experiencing. My approach coupled with over two decades of legal experience has helped my make a difference in the lives of my clients in southwest Louisiana.

More information on my background can be found in the link below.

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When you come to see me regarding a divorce or related legal matter, I will spend time with you to sort through the emotionally charged, legally complex situation you find yourself in. I recognize that during difficult personal times, you may not be at your best in making important, life-changing decisions.

To schedule a consultation at my law firm, please contact me at 800-560-3525.