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Where should parents actually exchange custody of their kids?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

Sharing parental rights and responsibilities with your ex is always going to be a challenge. It is hard not to feel sad and lonely on all the days when you aren’t with your children, and there is also the stress of frequently needing to see your ex. 

Every few days, the two of you will interact with one another as you exchange custody. Couples frequently get into disputes and arguments during exchanges, especially in the early days after their separation from one another. 

You can have a parenting plan that can reduce some of that tension by agreeing that you will exchange custody at a specific location each time. Where should the two of you meet for custody exchanges? 

Your choice should prioritize the children

There is no one right answer for the best location for custody exchanges. What is the most convenient for either parent isn’t necessarily the best solution. You have to think about how long your children might spend in the vehicle and how your arrangements might diminish the time they get to spend with either parent. 

Often, if there is a very uneven breakdown of parenting time, the parent with less time with the children will pick the children up and drop them off at the house of the parent with more time. However, sometimes parents agree to meet in the middle when they live very far apart. They might even agree to meet in the parking lot of the local police station so that neither party will let their worst impulses get the better of them. 

Thinking about your relationship with your ex and your living arrangements can help you decide the best place to have custody exchanges when you share parenting time.