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Even though statutes govern strict formulas to determine child support, the process is anything but simple. Income, expenses and number of children are entered into a “calculator” and an amount is generated. However, disputes often arise with the information provided, specifically income.

Self-employed professionals and business owners have a certain amount of flexibility in the money they make. More so, they have the flexibility in hiding sources of income. Personal expenses may be deemed business costs. Cash payments may not show up on a ledger or tax form.

A Louisiana Attorney Helping Determine Child Support Payments

At the , my job is to get to the facts when a spouse is shielding revenues, over-reporting expenses or holding jobs where he or she remains voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. I combine my experience in family law with the insight of financial experts, including forensic accountants.

Deception and “creative bookkeeping” are not in the best interests of the children. Child support is just that; money for the sons and daughters of divorce. Their best interests come first. Like their parents, their lives have been disrupted, and they seek a sense of normalcy during uncertain, life-changing times.

I have been where you are. I have gone through a divorce. My parents have gone through a divorce. While I am compassionate and empathetic in my dealings with you, I take a more aggressive approach — oftentimes in court — when the other side is unwilling to be flexible or negotiate an agreement.

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