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Navigating Community Property Division In Louisiana Divorce Cases

If property division was as easy as dividing everything by two, disputes would rarely, if ever, arise. However, the process of property division can be complicated, if not contentious. Personal feelings about a divorce may get in the way of sound decision-making. One spouse may want to use the process to punish the other.

I am lawyer William Godley, a divorce attorney at the Godley Law Firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have been through a divorce myself. I am a child of divorce. As a result, I understand the emotional issues associated with a marriage ending. As an experienced family law lawyer, I also know that my clients need to make rational decisions that aren’t driven by intense emotions. I can help.

Protecting Your Property Rights Through An Objective Approach

The more the assets are broken up individually, the more complex property division becomes. Regardless of the complexity, I will dedicate myself to securing every dollar and asset that you have coming to you. At the Godley Law Firm, I will handle all aspects of property division, bringing in experts and appraisers to value the property accurately.

Detailed investigations and appraisals help us get to facts free of emotional elements. Taking a more objective approach requires you to let go of personal attachment or pettiness over an asset considered community property. No matter how valuable they might be, holding up the divorce process by piecemealing what you or the opposing side wants does little to secure a final property settlement.

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You don’t need to face divorce or property division alone. I am here to help. To learn how I can put my decades of family law experience to work for you, please call 800-560-3525 or send me an email.