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3 tips for making shared custody easier

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Child Custody |

Experts agree that shared custody is a positive thing for children because it allows them to have meaningful relationships with both parents. Louisiana courts agree with this assessment and usually aim to work out a shared parenting plan in every case. While this may be ideal for the children, it may be difficult for you as a parent.

Shared parenting requires working together, being respectful to each other and finding a way to negotiate and reach agreements without arguing or getting negative. Parents Magazine explains that sharing parenting duties is challenging for many couples, but it may be easier when using some tips.

  1. Realize bad spouse does not mean bad parent

Your ex-spouse may not have been the best partner, but that has no reflection on how good of a parent he or she is. You need to recognize when your ex-spouse is a good parent and doing good things for your children. Do not let your lousy relationship cloud the relationship he or she has with your children.

  1. Pick your battles

Not everything is worth getting into a heated discussion over. You may need to accept that you do not agree on everything regarding the children. Sometimes, you may have to compromise or even give in on a stance you have. That’s how shared custody works.

  1. Never talk bad about the other parent

While it may be tough, you should avoid talking bad about the other parent in front of your children. They need to see you as a team. They also need the security of knowing they can love both of you freely. When you put down the other parent, your children may think they cannot love that parent or they have to hide their love for the other parent. This is not healthy for anyone. If you have issues with your ex-spouse, talk to him or her directly and leave the children out of it.

Putting together a solid parenting plan may prevent many issues with sharing custody. You can include many different clauses and details to plan ahead for situations where you may not agree or where something has the potential to go wrong. Combining a good plan with these tips should help make the situation more manageable.