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Dedicated Family Law Representation

Prior to becoming a lawyer, I traveled throughout the United States and the world as a professional musician, playing for well-known musical acts. During those 10 years of touring, I interacted with all types of people from various backgrounds and cultures. I learned to be quick on my feet in communicating with just about anyone.

Today, that worldly experience has resulted in an empathetic, creative and diligent approach in my legal practice of family law that includes the following areas:

A DeRidder Divorce Attorney Looking Out for the Best Interests of Children

Over my 23-year career in the legal profession, I have served as a Louisiana assistant attorney general and in private practice prior to establishing my law firm. In my practice of family law at the Godley Law Firm, I work hard on behalf of my clients and focus on their needs and goals. I help them find common ground toward agreement where they cannot see any compromise.

I have been divorced. I am a child of divorce. I can relate to not only my clients, but also their children. Any divorce action involving kids requires me to look out for their best interests. I encourage my clients to do the same. Divorce takes enough of an emotional toll without their vengeful parents engaged in battle at any cost.

However, if the opposing side digs in their heels and refuses to compromise, I take a more aggressive approach in the courtroom. Still looking out for the best interests of my clients and their children, I will fight on their behalf and find resolution.

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