Lake Charles Paternity Attorney

Louisiana Paternity Lawyer

Establishing the paternity of a child can often be a quarrelsome matter. Without an attorney to help guide you through the complexities that can present themselves in a paternity case, you can get overwhelmed and suffer from an outcome that might be preventable.

For mothers, determining the proper biological parentage of a child can include secure DNA testing, with which we can help. After the establishment of proper paternity, modifying the birth certificate might be necessary, which is another way our office can help. After a legal determination has been made regarding the paternity of your child, we can help you seek child support and child custody arrangements.

For fathers, we can help you to determine your biological relationship to a child so that you can seek child custody and visitation with your child. Alternatively, if you have been named in a paternity action but are not the child’s father, we can help you to dispute the claim, protecting your rights and defending yourself against invalid child support payments.

Lake Charles paternity attorney William L. “Bill” Godley has more than 22 years of experience in paternity law; he recognizes the finesse needed in dealing with paternity cases. To get a better understanding of your stance and needs for your paternity dispute, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.