Lake Charles Child Custody Lawyer

Most child custody cases I handle out of my southwest Louisiana law office are one extreme or the other. If an agreement can’t be resolved quickly and amicably, custody disputes become heated and end up needing resolution in family court. I recognize that emotions may run high, but parents must put aside their issues and focus on the best interests of their children.

A Dedicated and Empathetic DeRidder Custody and Visitation Attorney

In addition to being a practicing lawyer and former musician, I am also a child of divorce and have endured the process of marital dissolution. From those perspectives, I can help you find the best resolution while looking out for the best interests of your children. Many cases are handled and resolved through mediation. That more peaceful process can be less expensive than an attorney.

At the Godley Law Firm, I get involved if mediation has not resulted in a memorandum of understanding. I will try to negotiate with the opposing side. However, if the other party is being unreasonable in his or her demands and unwilling to be flexible, I will not hesitate to go to court. While a heated battle is not preferred, protecting your rights and interests of your children comes first.

I can relate to what you and your children are going through during life-changing and emotionally charged times. Uncertainty of the future occupies your every thought. My job is to pursue the best outcome through negotiation or litigation, allowing you to move on to the best chapter of your life.

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